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Antifreeze and coolants role in maintaining maximum engine performance is extremely important. The life of an engine, particularly high performance petrol and diesel engines, can be shortened or suffer damage, by not using the right antifreeze/coolant and not maintaining the correct levels in the cooling system.

Elite Clean antifreeze/coolant range includes the approved and latest technology products offering outstanding protection and longer engine life.

Elite Clean Antifreeze/Coolant is the ideal solution to help your engine last longer, with the new improved extended life technology. Elite Clean prevents corrosion and helps keep your cooling system running more efficiently.

Keep your entire cooling system, including your radiator and water pump, free from the damaging effects of worn-out antifreeze. Use Elite Clean, the antifreeze specifically designed for the sophisticated engines in today's cars and light duty trucks.

We produce antifreeze in different sizes as per the usage standard.