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Elite Care
Antibacterial Dish Soap

Elite Care Antibacterial dish soap liquid is environmentally friendly. A Cleaning solution that breaks down grease into non-toxic substances which can be safely flushed into drains without polluting the environment.

Key Features

•  Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
•  Superior Cleaning action
•  Allow rinsing with less water
•  pH Balance
•  Gentle on skin
Elite Clean
Dish Wash Liquid

Elite Clean dishwashing liquid is safe for your family and environment. A cleaning solution that breaks down grease and grime into non-toxic substances which can be safely flushed into drains without polluting the environment.

Directions of use: Apply directly onto sponge and clean.

Key Features

•  Environmentally friendly
•  Superior cleaning action
•  Breaks down grease effectively
•  Rinse with less water
•  pH balanced
•  Gentle on the skin
•  Concentrated formula
•  Safe for you and our environment
The products are superior in grease cutting, thanks to the powerful anti-grease formula
Dish Wash Liquid

E-Clean Dishwashing Concentrate Cleaner gets your dishes sparkling clean yet is gentle on your hands and the environment. It is used for hand washing dishes and utensils, pots and pans, whilst also safe to use around food surfaces. It helps to sanities and remove bacteria from all surfaces and keeps drains clean and smelling fresh, too.

Cleaning power you can trust.
Tough on Grace, gentle on hand
Dish Wash Liquid

CleanX Lemon, a well-loved household brand in Dubai continues to provide consumers a wide range of excellent quality and value of dishwashing liquid that caters to different consumers' needs.

With advanced technology and stringent quality control, CleanX Lemon's new range of dishwashing liquid is Super Degreasing with advanced formula and safety cleansing ingredients that will leave your dishes sparkling clean while being gentle to your hands!

Safe, effective, yet gentle on hands. CleanX Lemon cares for your family.

We produce liquid dishwash in 3 different sizes as per the usage standard.

A powerful dishwashing liquid that keeps your dishes sparkling clean.

Our products comply with the Dubai Municipality Standards for Consumer Products.

Specific sizes can be made to order with specific fragrances according to availability (upon request).